Why do you want to or have to learn Korean?

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Why learning Korean? Some indications. 

1. In India whose population size will be larger than China within a few years, the Korean language is the fastest growing language there. 

2. In Neruh university, a top university in India, recently there were 30 spots for the admissions, but there were more than 100,000 applicants. The entry competition rate was about 3300:1.

3. In a language summer program organized by a Stanford professor, the competition rate to enter it is higher than buying a BTS concert ticket. Sourcehttps://youtu.be/eB9-5JVk4B8 (in Korean with the subtitle in Youtube video)

4. It is commonly known that the popularity of most major languages decline or stable, but the Korean language is the fastest growing against all major languages.

5. The global Korean Wave explosions across the world, both the richest and the poor countries: Kpop, kDramas, Kcinemas, kFoods, kFashion, kCosmetics, etc., dominating all major cities from Paris and London to New York and Dubai.

6. As of November 2022, the BTS has got the most number of the top 1 songs out of the Billboard Hot 100 for the past one decade.

7. Not just the pop cultures, over the past a decade, even in the Classical music competitions, South Koreans dominate the top winners: roughly a quarter of all top winners seem to be South Koreans, far above any other country in the world.

More technological, geopolitical and socioeconomic factors to see why the Korean language will become the mainstream more powerful than German, Italian, French, etc within a decade:

  1. So far, the popularity of the Korean language is driven by the Korean waves, but by the end of this decade, the commercial reasons will drive it as much or more as Korea will have become a super power by 2030.
  2. Around 2019-2020, the typical global military power of South Korea was about 11-12th of the world. Just a few years later, in autumn 2022, the typical South Korean military power ranking is the 6th of the world.
  3. From 2012 to 2022, according to the Boomberg Innovation Index, South Korea’s innovation index was the ranking first, 9 out of the 10 years for the past a decade except once lost to Germany. And this pattern has no sign to decline.
  4. According to the US News & the World Report 2022, the national power of South Korea ranked as the 6th of the world. In 2022, for the first time in the modern history, South Korea surpassed both France and Japan.
  5. In 2022, South Korea’s passport power (meaning the number of countries to visit countries without visa) is the second in the world. The first till 2022 is still Japan, but I predicted that South Korea’s passport power will become the first in the world by 2023 or 2024, no later.
  6. By 2030, the fourth industrial revolutions will shake up the entire world. There are 4 most important driving technologies. So far, South Korea is on the frontline of all the top 4 most important technologies for this revolution, which are supposed to drive the wealth of the next a century. South Korea is ahead of the USA, China, Japan, Germany, and France in every single one of the top 4 frontline technology.
  7. There are way too many more, but you basically got the picture. South Korea will lead the world by the time the current teenagers become an adult in their mid-20s or 30. Inevitably, the super-fast rising Korean language will supercede even English by the time they reach their mid-careers or perhaps even earlier.

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