USL1 for the governments, NGOs, MOEs, and politico-economic unions (EU, OECD, African Union, ASEAN(+3), RCEP, BRICS, etc)

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Since most of the governments and the politico-economic organizations (such as EU, African Union, ASEAN, BRICS, etc) will be the most interested in the economic implications that USL1 will engender to all these politico-economic entities, we´ll focus mostly on the economic implications of USL1 primarily here.

The scope of USL, although it started to trigger the global math and science education first, is far vaster than most people can imagine because it turned out that the USL1 (which is using less than 20% of its full capacity) alone can trigger the global economic upheavals of 40% of the entire gamut of the world economy in 15-20 years although this kind of changes normally may occur 50-100 plus years according to the education or socio-economic history of the 20th century.




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