USL mottos

The central pieces of USL1 premises are these three: (the rest will be left to URF1 with the UN and governments)

Our mottos:

  1. To end the math poverty is to end the poverty itself… except in 10-15 years in the world instead of 22nd century.
  2. To catch all the 12 precious and fleeting birds with 2 stones (USL1 and URF1) by 2035-2045 instead of catching several birds – if lucky – with at least 12 stones by 2070-2090 (the UN operations including POST-2015 and SE4All) or catching a few with dozens of stones by 2100+ for the Business As Usual opearations.
  3. If you can walk, why do you crawl? If you can run, why do you walk? If you can fly, why do you run?
  4. To feed the poor and hungry, the status quo or BAU will give some money. A better way is to teach the poor how to do fishing. A better yet way to handle this is to teach how to run farms. Even better is how to run restorative organic farm, which is one of the several key parts that USL1 is trying to collaborate to create the collective global movements.
  5. We all know the immense power of the human potentials. In economic terms, the human potential is called the Human Capital. Instead of abusing it wastefully only as a servant of the Financial Capital (which the economic establishments do), we optimally boost it so that it not only boosts the Financial Capital in an unprecedented scale and pace, but also it becomes the true servant of the Social and Nature Capitals.
  6. Use the self-interest of each government and nation to help the poorer half of the world while pushing the sustainable and all-inclusive 12 transitions simultaneously. Instead of begging to the rich and the governments for the endlessly struggling reforms or fundings or moneatry helps, we give them the unprecedented scale of baits, the financial motivations (triggered by the massive human capital boosts) – to boost their average surplus annual income per capita 300%-700% even for the next a few decades alone and much more (500-1,000%+) after 2050 – in exchange they commit 1% (as an exchange gift or possibly as the interest-free loans to the poorest half of the world) of their annual GDPs for the global causes and to resolve them all swiftly and quickly. 1% of GDPs of the OECD countries alone will be over half a trillion USD per year, on par with the entire annual military budget of the USA. The cumulative economic gains with the baits through USL1 be thousands of % more than without over the next a few decades alone. Only the ignorant, unwise governments can ignore the collaboration offers.



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