Tutoring Beyond AI(Artifical Intelligence) Services

While the big-scale MMU operations have been delayed, we intend to help the fundamentals of the math and physical sciences by offering the private tutoring services to the individuals, groups via our online tutoring services.

  • The main tutoring services will focus on mostly math and physics
    • Grades: 4th to 12th.
    • University math and physics.
    • Languages available: in English, in Korean, in Spanish, in Portuguese, in French, and in Italian for now.
    • Languages that may be added later (if enough demands rise): in Arabic, in Russian, in Hindi, in Dutch, in Turkish.
    • If a group wants our tutoring services, the group costs will be cheaper, depending on the subject levels and the number of students.
    • As now is in December 2021, we may offer tutoring or private classes for the math sections for SAT, SAT math subject, ACT, and GRE. We will not cover the Reading parts of these tests.
    • Our most common services will be (although not exclusively) ..
      • Math
        • Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability, etc.
      • Physics
        • Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Waves and Optics, Dynamics, Nuclear Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Thermal Physics, etc.)
      • Chemistry: up the the college General Chemistry’s theoretical parts.
  • exclusively online tutoring (initially in a few cities of the USA)
  • to make the students learn to speak foreign languages fast (SFLF): Lee is an amateur linguist who can survive with 10+ languages, he will practice his languages (with lots of errors of course) to have some tangible global impacts by radically reducing the global math poverty.


The basic premises:

  • The students will learn and master their math, physics, (and theoretical part of chemistry) much faster than usual. To get their target results with much less study in general.
  • Our students will minimize their memorizations. Lee’s operations have never depended much on the memorizations at all. So, most students will eliminate about 60-80% of their normal memorizations that they have to go through when they learn math or physics or chemistry.
  • These tutorials or group courses will be those brains too lazy to memorize the algorithmic solutions. To avert the global job crises of the post-AI automation era, the students should learn synergetically and inspirationally, not by memorizations except some essential things.
  • Most of the online classes will be done using Zoom.
  • The results from the private tutoring operations may lead to the collaborations with the large-scale institutions later.


If you want to see some testimonials of some of the former students of Lee’s, CLICK HERE.


NOTE: Lee’s original surprisingly shocking results and testimonials of USL (although our tutoring services will not go even remotely close to that super speed levels of the USL or MMU, the students will still learn math or physics much faster than the best students in their classes). The original USL and MMU1 were designed to super-rapidly change the future of countries and governments. As our Tutoring Beyond AI series will be for the private tutoring series, the private tutorings and the classes will be 10-20 times inferior to the original USL, but still will much faster and far superior to any other tutoring services in the vast majority of the cases.

The prices (will depend on the subjects and the time pressures and the levels):

  • Each session will be for 2 hours normally. Never for 1 hour.
  • Primary grades 4-6: $55/hour
  • Middle school: $65/hour
  • High school: $80/hour
  • University level: $95
  • Math of SAT, ACT, GRE: $150/hour.


The payments:

  • for now, only via Paypal or major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
  • Once there is the confirmation of each payment, the tutorials can start immediately.


A short original introduction for the USL summary (about 5 minutes)


A short summary about MMU1 pilot study results (5 minutes)

for the online tutoring services

  • email (the response will be slower via email. Whatsapp will get the fastest response): webmaster@uslgoglobal.com
  • Phone comunications (Please text us first):
    • For the USA in NYC area: (+1) 718-475-6976
    • For Mexico and Latin America’s Whatsapp: (+52) 961-221-4578




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