To end the top 5 global crises with 1-2 projects by Lee’s

We have no shortage of the global crises. Lee intends to resolve some of the critical issues with the governments and the global NGOs in a manner that are not normally possible.

The big picture first (betwen 2022 to 2030): to target 5 global crises to resolve (as the main focuses):

  • (the global job crises coming): AI-induced automations that will kill the massive jobs from 2025-2030 on, starting with the western OECD countries.
  • (the economic collapses) due to the massive job killings by the automations during the fifth industrial revolution: the first round job killing of the 20-30% of the western OECD countries and other rich countries will be worse than the peak of the COIVD19 pandemic in 2020.
  • (the math education crises): as the most critical key ingredient for the job killings due to the automations will be the quasi-universal, very high rates of the math poverty across the world, including except 5-7 top math north-eastern Asian countries.
  • (the global climate change crisis): and Lee’s main focus is to make the MMU partner countries to contribute to plant the massive trees to cancel off the global warming chemical agents at the efficiency levels beyond the very best of the plans by the UN and the current pledges by many governements to plant trees..
  • (speaking-English poverty): this is separate from the above categories, but this has a lot to do with the much lower international tourism (as this is about 10% of the average national GDP typically and globally) and the international commerce.
the global criseswithout MMUwith MMU
global job crises by automations20-30% of the jobs will be gone (2025-2030) in the western OECD countries where their math poverty rates are 20-30%.For the western OECDs, Lee’s MMU will reduce them to 5-10% levels in 3-6 years per country.
Economic collapses due to the massive unemployments by automationsFor the average Latin American or the global math average countries, the math poverty rates are 40-75%, but their richer cities will suffer just like the western OECD countries in 2025-2030.To operate MMU first in their major, affluent cities 2025-2030.
math education crises.According to the PISA and TIMSS math data, for the past 15-25 years, the vast majority of countries in the world have suffered from the perpetual math poverty stagnations with little improvements in spite of the astronomical wastes of the federal money, time and efforts. The vast majority of countries will fail for the next 3-8 years (as the visual data that Lee shared in this webpage show the pattern clearly).Lee has several different schemes to super quickly reduce the math poverty of the collaborating countries and their governments in just 3-6 years at the levels that normally take 50-100-150 years in average.
to cancel the global warming chemicals by plating 1+ Trillion trees by 2030Although there are many pledges from many countries, the current rates of planting trees for ending the global warming by 2030 seems to be far short of the possible targets. And the most effective planting of the trees will be to countries close to the tropical area (e.g. Latin America, Sub-Sahara Africa, and South Asia where their math poverty rates happen to be the universally the worst in the world).So, the great idea by Lee’s is to make the countries and the governments to minimize their job and economic crises very quickly ending their math poverty at the decently small levels 10-20-30 times faster than normally possible. In exchange, the MMU member countries should plant the proper bio-diversified trees not only in their countries, but also in the tropical countries by 2030.
Speak English Fast (SEF)Outside the western Europe, for most countries, the poverty of speaking the basic English is poor. And the worst region for this seems to be the entire Latin America.Lee’s SEF can take care of this issue far faster than normally possible based on this super-fast language speaking experiences for 10-15+ languages.

Question 1: why MMU series should work? The rational choice of the richer countries is that they have to embrace the MMU to survive the post-automation era. Otherwise, according to the PISA and TIMSS math data at least, the vast majority of these countries are basically doomed in the coming decade. So, they have to provide the much better world by the holistic approaches of the proper tree planting more than 1 trillion trees. The detailed schemes will be released later and this will be the win-win situation for all of us. So, the MMU member countries can save their jobs, economies, global warming crises, and the perpetual math education stagnations all at once with the MMU operations.

Question 2: how will Lee operate MMU with the countries? He tries to create at least 4 new Korean waves. As he is from South Korea, he prefers getting supports from the South Korean government to bring South Korea at the center of the global innovations to end at least 4 worst global crises: employments, economies, global warming, and math education all simultaneously. In spite of Lee’s efforts, so far he hasn’t been able to get the supports from the South Korean government yet. If the South Korean governement delays the supports, Lee will give the top priorities to the other countries, be in UK, France, Germany, oil-richest persian gulf countries, Mexico, or whatever the countries with the visions and honors. To appetize the governments, Lee intends to provide the massive financial incentives of the MMU. Anyone with the minimum math and macro-economics knowledge should know that the post-Knowledge Capital paradigm pioneered by Hanushek & Woessmann has the very powerful positive impacts to the real GDP per capita growths. Lee prepared to the new paradigms of economics beyond the currently available paradigms which he intends to release as a part of his on-going efforts for ‘Let’s publish together (Publicamos Juntos)’ with the other collaborators in the academia.

Question 3: why is Lee obsessed about creating these new Korean (or otherwise) waves based on the MMU and SEF?

According to the economic estimations by Lee’s for MMU and SEF, their economic impacts are stageringly huge. MMU’s at even the basic levels will have at least 50% increase of the real GDP per capita for the OECD countries over the next a few decades. For the developing countries, the impacts will be at least multiple times larger than their current real GDP per capita, let alone saving the massive job losses due to the automations. Lee is firmly convinced that anyone with the basic math and economics brains should appreciate the astronomical impacts of the MMU proposals. Ask yourselves a simple question. What is better? 1) to ignore MMU pretending and wishful thinking that their Ministries of Education can radically reduce their math poverty next 3-8 years massively although the history past 15-25 years firmly show that they have zero chance to succeed at all to avoid the massive EDU, Economy, environment, and employment disasters. 2) to start discuss with Lee to explore the optimal scenarios and versions of the MMU to make their citizens (especially students first) to overcome the major obstacles of their minds as well as the economic obstacles that are arriving.

As Lee has established the big picture here, then what does Lee want for us to move forward initially in 2022-2023 for your government, embassadors, NGOs, UNESCO, …?

  • To make the MMU series scalable, starting as a series of pilot studies. There are many possibilities, but Lee will put some examples here.
  • Note:
    • for his earlier original USL1 pilot studies, 8 schools from 2 countries (Guatemala and Mexico) with about 1100+ students participated).
    • for his original MMU1 pilot studies, 2 schools from Guatemala with a few hundred studetns participated.
  • For the next level, Lee expects reasonably bigger size pilot studies. Currently Lee is located in Mexico and trying hard to make something happens for his MMU by spring 2022. Otherwise he has no choice, but abandon Mexico completely and move on to form the potentially reliable allies. The same rule applies to the South Korean government and NGOs.
  • One of the reasons for the quasi-universal math poverty across the world is due to the fact that maths is a cumulative subject to build upon the earlier knowledge. When the basic fails, the rest is like building castles on the sands, which are doomed. So, Lee proposes to start with the grades 4, 5, 6 (the upper half of the Primary schools) and the grades 7, 8 (the first 2 grades of the lower secondary schools) for at least several hundreds students (preferably at least 500 students) per grade level. Then we need to establish the reasonably persuasive results. In order to minimize the hassles, Lee proposes to run the first pilot studies only 2-3-4 weeks. Not more than that so that he can quickly convince the ministries of education and the government the initial flavors as to how the MMU may work.
  • From the first 1 month operation for each, we can gradually build by scaling up to larger participating students per grade.
  • For the more details, Lee can reveal only during the official meetings with the embassadors, ministers of education, minister of economy, minister of tourism, etc.

The relevance for the new Korean waves with MMU and SEF to your governments, embassies, NGOs, universities, etc:

  • Most people these days are aware of the Korean waves in K dramas (e.g. Squid Game), K movies (e.g. Parasite), Kpop (BTS, Black Pink), K cosmetics, K foods, etc. What most people are not aware may be the massive K innovations of all sorts, including the K technology, K weapons, K medicine, etc.
  • To give some basic ideas about the MMU and SEF impacts, each of their economic impacts will be far greater than the entire Kpop industry, let alone the BTS at least economically, if not culturally.
  • Lee will make the entire Kpop stars speak English far faster than normally possible. How much will this impact the further popularity of the Kpop and the Korean economy and tourism, etc.?
  • The South Korean government can use the SEF to co-develop the main tourism area of the North Korea by making all young people speak at least the basic English super fast at the speeds nobody else can bring.
  • For his MMU projects to make them go global, currently Lee is ready to make MMU online courses in 5 languages. He also has explored other 10 additional languages with which he can cover more than 70% of the world population. To learn to speak foreign langauges are not Lee’s passion, but he happens to be very fast in learning to speak foreign languages at least to operate MMU operations.
  • So, as you are now aware of the crazy ideas and proposals of MMU and SEF, Lee has the further ambitions and plans to make the Korean languages very accessible to everyone globally. He hasn’t prepared for this project yet, but once the SEF to make all speak English fast for the Koreans, which will help the Korean waves and the Korean economy tremendously, he will do the same for the entire Latin American countries, the French-speaking countries, the Portuguese countries, etc. And then he will scale to most of the major languages in the future. So he firmly believes that South Korean government should give a benefit of doubts and start exploring the massive opportunities with Lee together as soon as possible.

Thank you for paying your attention.


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