Although the various solutions have been developed over the past 1.5 years and posted in the USL main website, they have been constantly evolving every month – if not every week – and we started to compile them temporarily as PDF documents since January 2015 and they will be archived here.

The first series that we are currently working on is called BOEC (Back Of the Envelope Calculations) Working Paper Series. The first 10 short ones (the first draft) will be there by the end of January and we will have at least 20 docuements (the version 2 primarily) by early February.

The primary focus till mid-February 2015 is to provide some sound theoretical frameworks as to how the USL1 strategy work and preliminary short guides to the governments, NGOs, the UN, and Civil Societies so that USL1 initiative can contribute to the world community for the following:

  1. for the POST-2015 agendas, SE4All agendas for the UN and governments
  2. for the USL1 (or UBN1) for the 5 regions or continents (targeting the less developed regions with the desperate need to the massive rapid boosts of their math education nationwide or at least statewide). To work with the governments, NGOs, and the UN.
  3. for the UGNSE1 (USL Global Network of Social Enterprises) to create the USL1-based Social Enterprises with the local, state, or national governments to enrich and empower each rapidly.
  4. for the Social Enterprise enterpreneurs, NGO leaders, philanthropists and investors.

USL1 will primarily focus to be a network of global Social Enterprises, but initially at least, we may have to create both arms for half for-profit (to attract the investors, NGOs) and the other half for-non profit (for the governments and the UN).



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