Speak Korean Very Fast

This is a new initiative of Lee from late 2022.

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The basic introduction videos about SKF for the students, or directors of schools or universities, etc.

For the directors of Secundarias, Prepas, and universities, please watch the following introduction videos.

For the students in Secundarias, Preparatorias, or universities who want to speak Korean Fast, please watch the following video below.

Why willl you need Lee to Speak Korean Fast (SKF)?

1. It will take too long to speak it if you follow the conventional paths. without Lee because Lee is a top pioneer to make people learn the standard math or to speak foreign languages faster than anyone else. How long did it take for you to speak the survival level English? 2, 4, 6 years? For the Spanish or English speakers, the Eastern Asian languages like Korean or Japanese requires about 5 times longer compared to English to learn to speak. So if it took 2, 4, 6 years for you to speak the basic level English at the survival levels, it will take 10, 20, 30 years for speaking Korean or Japanese respectively, which is not practical at all for the vast majority of people. Of course some of you can learn to speak the basic level Korean or Japanese in a year or even half a year if you seriously commit to speak them by studying 7-10 hours per day. This is, however, not practically applicable for the vast majority of you, the big fans of the Korean waves, wanting to speak Korean fast.

2. By 2030, the popularity of the Korean language will exceed the popularity of most of the top languages such as German, Italian, Chinese, …all. You need the language if the future, not of the past as South Korea will become a super power within the next 3-7 years. You can see the signs of this acceleration of South Korea everywhere.

3. SKF focused on speaking the survival level Korean in just 1-2-3 semesters (5-10-15 months) with the minimum amount of study, not studying much at all compared to the 10-20-30 years as mentioned above. 

4. Lee speaks 12+ languages (as a hyperglot), but he could learn to speak each of the new foreign languages at the survival levels in just 5-15 hours, he intends to make the average people speak Korean very fast with the minimum study practically (although not at his speed, but you will speak far faster than the rest). 5. So, invite all your friends who want to speak Korean very fast without studying much (in your schools, universities, kpop lovers, etc) to this Instagram (@leecoreanohiperglota ) as Lee will release survey soon, based on which the first courses may start in late October with the minimum 50-100 students registerations.

5. Lee is not a language professional, but he seems to be one of the fastest language learnerer in the world at least to speak at the survival levels in no time.

6. 9 new languages speaking in mere 10 days. In last summer 2021, Lee forced himself to learn to speak 10 new languages in just 10 days with the average study time of 8-10 hours per day during this short period of time. Nobody taught him. He taught himself. 3-4 of the 10 languages were among the most difficult languages for the English or Spanish speakers such as Russian, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, etc. He failed to speak only Arabic (for which he studied for almost 20 hours in total during this experiment). So, he managed to learn to speak 9 out of the 10 target languages during the 10 days. Although they were 9 languages, at the average difficulty levels of the western European languages such as French, German, Italian, etc., the overall difficulty of the 9 languages in average was roughly equivalent to speak 25-30 new languages in just 10 days. During the experiment, Lee recorded all the 9 languages in Youtube videos. For each of the 9 new languages, he spoke monologues for 10-15-20 minutes at the survival levels.

7. Making people speak the basic English hyper-fast. Earlier, Lee tried to create Speak English (Super) Fast initiatives for which he made his 10 students from several different groups to speak English super fast. For more details, you can visit https://www.speakenglishsuperfast.com/evidencias-resumen/ One of these group was from 5 employees of the only local TV channel of Tapachula. 4 of them were the stars of the TV channel.

For some simple evidence collections of Lee’s earlier pilot studies, you can check a video here although in this website, there is abundance of the testimonials, news coverage, including the exclusive interviews with a national TV of Guatemala.

A sample video where Lee spoke in 10 languages with no editing, with no preparations here.


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