2 pages of MMU1 proposal to the DOEs or MOEs, NGOs, collaborators, and supporters

MMU1 pilot study proposal (2 pages) to governments and supporters for 2017: to catch many fleeting education birds with one stone, starting to rapidly end math poverty over the next several years (during your administration), not several  generations or even 100-200 years

By Dongchan Lee (January 26th, 2017)

NOTE: this is a pilot study proposal, NOT to sell any as a vendor or sell goods or services.


Dear representative of DOE/MOE or other government branches:

Aloha. What are the real deterrents that prevent students from moving forward? Is it the reading skill or math poverty? Why are so many students dropping out? Is it because of the exciting math and science education or they are all bored and see no meaning in math and beyond? Why are the chasms in math significantly higher than all other subjects in education? You secretly know math is the culprit. If you welcome a real innovation instead of the idle, ideological and pseudo-scientific beliefs in EDU, then we can talk for the real progress to take only scientific actions to end the math poverty.

To end the math poverty very rapidly with MMU1: I’m Dongchan Lee and you may hear something too good to be true. So please keep your mind open. Once you see the 7 page Executive Summary, you will realize the gravity of the status quo is far larger than what most can imagine.

The supporting materials and evidences for MMU1 and USL by Dongchan Lee:


Objective of MMU1 introduction to your DOE or MOE: 

A quasi-global crisis, not just your EDU department, far beyond your management range:

I created MMU1 (Mini Mini USL1) to radically and rapidly reduce (if not end) the math poverty with your cities, states or national Ministry or Department Of Education in just 2-4 years if there are collaborations and committed supports during 2017-2020 (in 2-4 years), NOT in 50-100-200 years. Our definition of the math poverty is roughly 420 or below in PISA math (called Low Performance in PISA) and similar rules apply to TIMSS math (and NAEP for the USA for instance). In English-speaking OECD nations, math averages have been declining (e.g. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and recently the USA; the UK and Ireland will be next) and the math poverty is typically about 20-35% of the current student populations. In the math poorer states of these nations, the math poverty reaches 30-45%. Even for the top 5 math Latin American nations, there are about 50% of the student population in math poverty. In most LAC countries, 60-95% of the populations are in math poverty. You may apply a rule of thumb math poverty of the Latinos or other minorities in the USA or other OECD countries in a similar fashion. In spite of the many decades of failed frustrations to radically reduce the math poverty in almost all OECD nations (except perhaps in the top 5 Eastern Asian math countries), the math poverty shares haven’t declined and we have the concrete proofs of the math poverty’s refusal to decline for the past 15-20 years of history of PISA and TIMSS math if you believe in the power of the historic patterns. The Executive Summary includes the concise overviews about: 1) the global phenomena of the math stagnations in most developed nations for the past 15-20 years; 2) its jaw-dropping, negative economic impacts in the short and long term (which means that you and all around you lose surplus 10-20+ times of your current annual salary levels over the next 40-50 years or so); 3) the role of math poverty shares for the national math average; and 4) provides the initiation of the hyper efficient and rapid solutions starting with a series of the MMU1 pilot studies to end the math poverty in your big cities, states, or country that collaborate with us and support us.


Exclusively proof-based rapid solution proposal with the zero wishful thinking paradigm:

I don’t theorize with the wishful thinking in math education with pedagogies that have failed decades after decades and will continue failing almost certainly. Instead I simply show the pilot results of the massive and quick math gains. I’m only interested in the concrete, test-based results of math skills of students eschewing the delusional EDU ideologies. So we ran enough pilot studies in Mexico and Guatemala for more than 1,300 students of the grades 2-11 from about 10 schools with at least 15 TV coverage, including 3 times of national TV and 5 times states’ TV coverage in Guatemala by late 2016. We would like you to invite Dongchan Lee (the creator of USL and MMU1) to your MOE or DOE this spring to run 100% online-based MMU1 pilot studies for at least 4,000 primary school grade 3-5 students (the participations of about 15-30 schools or 1-3 school districts may be needed typically because the grades 3-5 are very critical) so that Lee can demonstrate that he takes the worst half (at least 2,000) math students and raise the average of the worst half students (about 25 percentile) to the average of the best half of another 2,000 students (about 75 percentile) by the end of 1-2 weeks of the MMU1 pilot studies for our agreed-upon math topics or sections. What do you have to lose? Almost nothing.

This is a win-win situation for all so that if this pilot study works as it is supposed to be, then we may collaborate to implement across your cities and then to your states for the gradually more extended time. (If the government needs more, then we can go from there.) Since the Ministry Of Education in Guatemala has been absolutely unsupportive and anti-innovation, we look for pro-innovation governments with the open minds and hearts based on facts and reality instead of wishful thinking so that we can empower all with MMU1, not to perish here.


Please remember: this is not a time for a pride or pretending to look the other way when the outcomes will massively shrink the future economy of yours, your families’, your states’, and your country’s inevitably. As the past 20 years show clearly there will not be a good future and the chances are, things will quickly deteriorate unless MMU1 is taken seriously; so let’s explore what we can achieve together quickly. The history tells us that in most of the developed countries, the 10-20-30+ times of your potential surplus of the current annual salaries will be sacrificed for the next half a century (even with the 20 years of loss and as time goes on this will become 30-40-50 years of the lost years). The math stagnations are not something that you can simply whisper away. This is not just about Education, but about well beings of all. Once you wake up, not to take action is simply to toss away the future of you and all around you; nothing less. This is not a financial apocalypse and you can overcome if you can embrace MMU1 as most have failed and most likely will continue failing. The conventional, currently trendy (math) EDU wisdom in all developed world includes the typical technology-based math EDU that we’ve been toying around, but no developed nations with these   approaches have sustainably succeeded so far and almost none of the OECD countries will be immune to the upcoming storms thanks to the 20-30-40+ and continuing years of the math stagnations. This will be the beginning of the new history and will make you very proud of for the rest of your life to empower all like this and you are the first groups to trigger this. The 2 greatest gifts of humanity are the power of mind and love. We bring the abundance of math mind as accessible as water, electricity, and love for the first time in history (and there’s no other real alternative to make this happen).

 What Lee is not: 1) Not a vendor to sell any, 2) not a service to sell any, 3) not a company or organization to put a bid. –> But, just to run pilot studies with your supports and collaborations and let’s discuss about the thorny funding issues if we can obtain it in legitimate and creative ways, including the crowd-funding or investor funding from outside.

(In case you are not directly responsible, please forgive me and could you point me to where to contact and share this information to other authorities or to the head of the EDU department?)


Take action: so without further due, I hope to hear from you this week so that we can explore and I can guide you through what need to be done and if you can invite me to run MMU1 pilots in spring, we can run them in March, April or May 2017. (The earlier, the better.) You need to invite me at least 1 month ahead of the pilot study month so that I can arrive to prepare for about 1 month as I am still in Guatemala although I will leave Guatemala behind soon once I get some concrete invites from pro-innovation countries’ governments. We may chat through Whatsapp (via my cellular) or Skype.


Sincerely yours, Dongchan Lee, creator of MMU1 (www.uslgoglobal.com), not a vendor


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