MMU1 for the USA’s districts, charter, and DOEs

For me the ongoing bitter feuds between the school districts and charters in the USA are more like that between the Capulets and the Montagues. Thanks to their feuds (or the conflicts of interest) between the districts and the charters -regardless of the claims and defenses of both sides – who die are the Romeo and Juliet (the school children, especially the math poorest 25-50 percent).

Instead of the deaths of Romeo and Juliet (or the poor children), we can try a unifying force with MMU1. How do we do that? The MMU series can be used a a unifying glue.

What Lee is proposing to your school district, city, state, (or even national government) now?

  1. MMU1 (if the leaders are visionaries and have guts to push this forward): math poverty ends –> math prosperity rapidly.
  2. MMU 0.5 (still total revolutionary by any standard): math poor 25 percentile will rapidly boost to 50 percentile level, which still takes many decades if the average OECD nations are lucky. Now with the ongoing math stagnations, this can be 50-100 years without MMU series even with the best of math EDU technology.
  3. MMU 1/3 (math 25 percentile to about 43 percentile): this is still larger than the average OECD math growth past 15-20 years before the stagnations sweep through and the selected peak charter schools seem to get closer to this level occasionally, but they tend to fail to do this far as they CMOs (Charter Management Organization) networks exapnd.

Lee is going to give the priorities to districts, citites, and states that support and collaborate with his MMU x.x proposals. For those who initially ignored this completely, later they will be put on the last que of implementations.



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