MMU1: Executive Summaries (compilations)

Here, we will compile the Executive Summaries about MMU1

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Math stagnations in most developed nations according to PISA over 15 years at least.


The most efficient solution

  1. (1 page summary to the DOEs or MOEs or school districts): Click  here to download.

    1 page 1 page Solicitation for MMU1 pilot proposal, Feb 2017

  2. 7 Page Executive Summary (8 points) for the Ministries (or Departments) Of Education in English or Spanish-speaking countries as well as to the NGOs, philanthropists, and the investors.To download this 7 page Executive Summary, click here: To end the math poverty multiple times faster with MMU1 than without it

  3. Powerpoint presentation converted to the PDF form to see more details beyond the highlights of the 7 page Executive Summary, please click here.

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The supporting materials and evidences:


20 yr Lost Math EDU_MMU1's economic Impact Summary

20 year Lost Math EDU_MMU1’s economic Impact Summary




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