MMU proposals to English-speaking countries

MMU1 (Mini Mini USL1) to end the math poverty in your districts, cities, or states of all English-speaking OECD (developed) countries in a few years, not generations

Our main summary:

  1. Our motto: to end the math poverty is to end the poverty itself, not in 50-200+ years, but to take care of math poverty in 5-10 years and the poverty itself in 10-20 years, nothing more, if the governments (cities, states, or nations) can collaborate with us and support the causes.
  2. What MMU1 if supported can do: to raise the math poverty (about 25 percentile of the student population) to the math prosperity (about 75 percentile of population), starting at the district, city levels and then to the states and then perhaps nations in 2-4 years, not 50-100-200 years.
  3. Normally how long does it take to raise the national or state math average the way MMU1 can? 50-200 years (if we use the global math assessment data for the past 15-20+ years from the PISA, TIMSS, and for the NAEP (or the Nation’s Report Card) from the USA).
  4. What will be the economic impacts? If fully utilized the average annual real income per capita rise will be at least 4-10 times, depending on the level of the economic developments of the nations.


MMU1 visual impacts for various language or economic groups

In this basically 8 minutes video, you can see the MMU1 (yellow arrows) impacts on your country vs. the past 12-15-20 years of the math trajectories of selected English-speaking or Latin American countries. Please watch this as it will be very education whether you decide to embrace MMU proposals or not.




Some 5 minutes of video evidence summary (which is a playlist and this leads to the MMU1 evidence video). Although this video was geared more for the USA state DoEs, basically similar rules apply to all the developed English-speaking OECD countries with some minor changes, especially for Australia, New Zealand, UK, and the math poorer half of Canada and Ireland..

To propose MMU1 pilot study proposals to the districts, cities, governments, philanthropists, NGOs, investors, media people, and other like-minded people (summarized in this 1 page highglight) who are rational, efficient to go directly to the ultimate causes of troubles instead of whining and complaining, praying with the never ending wishful thinking that haven’t bear fruits and will not bear fruits.


Introduction about MMU1 (Mini Mini USL1) is an appetizer version of USL1, which is still just a first step of the full USL.



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