MMU for the western OECD

In this page, I will share the math average and the math poverty percent distributions from PISA and math tests over the past 15-25 years.

From PISA Math from the western OECD countries (2003-2018):

From TIMSS Math:

Using the TIMSS math data of the past 24 years (till 2019), the MMU impacts will have 2 types of arrows, depending on the levels of the commitments of your governments to embrace the MMU series.

In the charts below, you can see the x percentiles or the TIMSS median scores change over the past 24 years as the charts show the 5th, 25th, 50th, 75th, 92th percentiles for each country.

The western European OECD countries have roughly 25% of the 8th grade students in their math poverty. For the 4th grade, the math poverty is about 15-20th percents in the region.

For the MMU 0.5 (orange color), it can reduce about 25% of their students currently in the math poverty to about 5-10% of the math poverty, which is roughly the math poverty % shares of the top 5 math countries (all of which happened to be the North-eastern Asian countries) in TIMSS math tests.

For the 4th grade,

For the 8th grade,


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