MMU for Caribbeans

In this page, we will focus on the MMU particularly for the Caribbean island countries, especially focusing on the 15+ CXC member countries (although not exclusively).

The basic idea of the proposal of MMU series is to boost the Caribbean regional average of the math pass rate currently of about 45% (about 30% to 60% depending on the countries and fluctuations) to 70-80% over the next several years instead of 40-80+ years.


CSEC math test pass rate in stagnations (for the past 5-6-7 years)

In the vast majority of the Caribbean countries that have participated in the CXC math exams annually, the pass rates of the maths exams have been approximately 40% to 45% as the regional average, with the typical ranges between about 30% to 60% with the average around 45% or so. For the past 6-7 years for the CSEC math, for instance, the pass rate for the regional average seems to have even decreased.

 Note that the regional average (black dotted line) is fluctuating and getting worse. The 3 arrows in 3 different colors are the radical change expected after the MMU interventions over the next several years, depending on the levels of commitments of your MOEs.

For the sample 6 countries for the CSEC math of CXC, none of them seem to improve distinctly at all.


For the past 30 year data of Guyana math pass rates (compared to the English A pass rates): roughly 20% up after about 30 years.


Before I share my proposal summary videos for the Caribbeans, I will share my informercial video for the USA states departments of education because the math education stagnation is not just the problems of the Caribbeans or Latin American countries, but almost global issue including almost every one of the USA states as you can see clearly in the video here below.

MMU1 short introduction
So, you may watch this short video first to move on to the 4 parts short videos for the Caribbean countries.


The basic information videos, consisting of 4 part videos (each lasting 5 minutes): total in 20 minutes.

Part 1 of MMU for the Caribbeans (little math progress, almost horizontal vs. the visual summaries of the USL and MMU1): The 3 versions of arrows of MMU series compared to 20+ years of little math EDU progress of the region

about math average in the Caribbeans as a region and as countries with the little or very slow progress over the past 10-20+ years with the visual data.


Part 2 of MMU for the Caribbeans: CSEC (Secondary school level regionally) English A progress vs. the (General) math progress to see the real results with your own eyes (as the CXC is not very transparent about the long term data at all so far). 

There are visual data of the 10 CXC member countries’ math data in 2001 and the selected 7+ CXC countries’ math growth stagnationns for the past 5-6-7 years particularly vs. the arrows showing the potential changes if the governments embrace the MMU for the Caribbean proposals.

Part 3 of MMU for the Caribbeans: national math average (in LAC countries) vs. the real GDP per capita growths over a long period of time. The upcoming AI-induced automations to kill the human jobs globally (starting with the OECD countries around 2025-2030), but I warned the Caribbean countries as the regional average GDP per capita is higher than the Latin American average and often the GDP per capita is somewhat closer to the average of the OECDs. The last segment is about the MMU timelines or scenarios.


Part 4 of MMU for the Caribbeans

The various scenarios as to how the Caribbean countries can quickly overcome the math education stagnations that have been going on for decades.


To overcome the worst subject of the Caribbean countries, which is uniquely math, your ministry may seriouslly consider to collaborate with the MMU operations.

The contact information is provided in the contact link.


Introduction about MMU1 (Mini Mini USL1) is an appetizer version of USL1, which is still just a first step of the full USL.


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