MMU as a new Korean wave to start the initial collaborations with your embassies

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Up front, let me ask you a non-trivial question.

How will you feel and treat yourself – as the honorable and responsible government officers – your actions may alter the future of your countries to directions that are normally not possible at all. You all know the 2020 employment crashes. The global unemployment in 2020 was about 25% in average. Then 2021 was getting better. Now is still much better. What if I tell you that many AI experts believe that in 3 to 8 years, in the richer countries, 20-30% of the the jobs will disappear, which roughly corresponds to the 20-30% of the math poverty population percent shares in the western OECD countries. The rest of the world has mostly 50% to 95% math poverty percent share. And the ministers of education will try to ignore my direct warnings with the MMU proposals and they will continue their wishful thinking that they can reduce the math poverty … perhaps. I consider this kind of attitude dishonest at least and the devastatingly insulting the good political intentions of the governments because if you look at all the visual data in the sections of the math stagnations for all regions of the world, then you will know exactly what I mean. So please try to be brutally honest about the power and integrity of your government, and your ministries of education.

If you are clueless about what 20-30% of the job destruction means compared to the brief peak of the COVID19 pandemic in 2020, please try to skim through at least the charts and numbers in the following article. Then you will begin to appreciate what I try to do with the MMU more. Firstly, you may check Secondly, for the case of the USA as it will be hit earlier than the rest, check this.

Now, let me side-step a bit.

As many of your may be aware, the past a few years have been the most astonishing years for South Koreans. We even have its name, HanLyu or K waves or Korean waves.

So far, the most commonly recognized Korean waves and their prime are

  • Kpop: starting with the BTS
  • K movie: Parasite
  • K drama: Squid Game
  • kcosmetic
  • kfoods
  • etc…

But there are many other things that most people may not be aware are

  • kgames
  • k webtunes
  • k education
  • k innovations: according to the Bloomberg innovation index, for the past 9 years, South Korea dominated as the ranking 1, 8 out of 9 years.
  • k weapons, which the vast majority of people may not be aware.

For the PISA math of South Korea, before 2012, South Korea’s math poverty had been one of the lowest for at least a decade, about 8-10% of the population. Then in 2015 and 2018, it jumped and stayed around 15%. And the rest of the top math countries from the North-Eastern Asian countries have been stagnating in math for a decade or so.

So far, I have no connection with the South Korean government at all.

But as I am from South Korea – although I am currently staying temporarily in Mexico – willingly or not, I intend to trigger several new K waves that nobody else may be able to trigger. There are more, but I will just mention 3 targets here.

Firstly, see the math poverty percent shares of your countries. Here, my definition of math poverty roughly corresponds to the PISA math level below 2. The example below is the PISA 2012 math data, but most countries have barely changed. And even few countries that have changed a lot have still math poverty percent shares of more than 40-50% of their students except the western OECD countries and the Eastern Asia.

The math poverty percent shares of the PISA math (2012) can be seen below.

The math poverty percent shares of the PISA math (2003-2018) can be seen below so that you can see that for the vast majority of countries the math poverty percent shares haven’t changed much at all. Please pay attention to the hypothetical, super-fast reductions of the MMU 0.5-0.7 if implemented to the corresponding countries with the certain range of the math poverty percent shares.

  1. To end the math poverty of the participating countries with the MMU series (which this section is devoted to) as the AI’s job killing era will arrive initially to the developed or rich countries between 2025-2030 first and will get worse every year. For the less developed countries, still their richest cities or the capital cities will be hit in short years. Normally, almost every single one of the Ministry or Department of the national Education from the vast majority of the countries tend to be super-conservative whether they have almost absolutely failed to reduce their national math poverty as I shared the visual data in the math stagnation nation sections. The time bombs approaching very fast, there is no time for vanity or vain glories of the Ministeries of Education because the negative consequences of most (the vast majority) of the countries will be not only the decades-long failures to reduce the math poverty much except perhaps 5-7 top math countries (predominantly dominated by the North-Eastern Asian countries). And I shared some glimpses of the devastating negative economic impacts as the vast majority of countries can do almost nothing between now and 2030. Due to the tiring inertias of the Ministries of Education worldwide who collectively or individually refused to acknowledge their utter failures to reduce the math poverty at all costs, the entire nations will have to face the consequences. I summarized some basic math poverty reduction failures with the visual data in the sections. Please browse through the evidences and my TV coverages from Guatemala.
  2. To end the basic English-speaking poverty. This is not relevant for most of the Germanic or the Nordic countries, but this is very relevant for most of the Romance language countries, most Asian countries, etc. English-speaking is critical for the international tourisms and most of the Latin America has very little success here. I am not really interested in languages except English and Korean, but so far, I can teach most levels in 5 different languages. If I can prepare less than a day, I can cover with another 5-7 languages. So far, I can roughly survive with about 15 languages and I almost never study languages and they are not even my hobbies, but I happen to learn to speak foreign languages at least at the survival levels excceedingly fast. At least for most of the westernEuropean langauges, I can do this kind of things within half a day or at most a day.
  3. To end the water scarcity: for this I am trying to be very cautious. I will start focusing on this once my credibility is established with the collaborations of enough countries with me. This will cost much more than the MMU or language speaking acceleration appraoches that I have.

So, I will try to solicit the South Korean government to see how I can create a few other major K waves that may change the world in some positive ways, creating many win-win situations and lift up at least some billions of people from the math poverty over the next 10 to 15 years, not in 100-200 years. For the initially participating countries, I intend to roughly end their math poverty over the next 3-4-5 years, depending on the levels of commitments from the participating countries.

So, I solicit to the embassadors and consulates of my initial target countries. Again, due to the less creative and conservative stances of most of the ministries of education, if you simply dismiss this kind of proposals to radically empower your nations, you will regret profoundly in the short 5-10 years for more developed countries and perhaps in 10-15-20 years for the less developed countries.

Of course, I will solicit to the South Korean ambassadors of various countries, not just Mexico in case he doesn’t welcome MMU proposals. As a South Korean, I prefer getting the proper supports and the publicities from the South Korean governement as I hope to create the collaborations of both the public and private sectors as these are the win-win scenarios. In case, the South Korean governement, ignore this just like a couple of countries of ministries of education (which I don’t want to mention here), then South Korea will lose one of the profound opportunities to create a new fantastic K waves to empower the minds, which have the super impacts not just educationally, but also socio-economically and politically. I will give the priorities to the governments that support me and embrace what I propose at the respectable manners.

The time is really running out; as I propose every single one of my proposals at the sensible manners, I firmly believe that we can make the world far better and far faster than virtually any government can even dream about.

So, please invite Lee as soon as possible to listen to his presentations to see how MMU can really revolutionize the future of your otherwise grim future of not only the math education, but also for the arriving massive job destructions, and the consequently economic disasters.


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