(math) teacher shortage crisis vs. the no raising the math EDU quality quickly

In these short table/charts, I will illustrate the absurdity of obsessing about the (math) teacher shortages vs. the typical math EDU quality lagging 1-2 years in more than half of the districts in the USA.

If you examine it carefully, you will see that in the typical bigger size school districts, the counterfactual lost costs of math education of the grades 1-6 alone by about 1.5 years of learning deficiency (~ 0.38 Standard Deviation) is roughly on par with the annual budget of these districts to spend for the entire teachers (not just math teachers) whether your have the district size of about 10k K-6 students (or 20k K-12 students) or 20k K-6 students (or roughly 40k K-12 students) or 50k students (or roughly 100k K-12 students).

To view the table larger, you may click on the table image.

So focusing on the shortages of teachers instead of focusing on exploring the alternative math education is absurd from the rational points of views as there are ways to achieve this goal easily, especially our MMU series. Even MMU 0.5 is almost twice the size of the capacity to take care of this math EDU crisis.


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