Math stagnations of the Caribbeans


CSEC math passing rates stagnating or declining in theses 7 Carubbean countries that are CXC members (the dotted line is the regional average)

Slow math improvement of Guyana (1990-2021)


Puerto Rico’s NAEP math average is about 1.5+ Standard Deviation below the NAEP math national average of the USA.

Based on the NAEP vs. PISA math scores of the USA national average, we can roughly estimate that the math poverty of Puerto Rico may be about 85-90% of their student population.

Note that about the 90th percentile of Puerto Rico is roughly 25th percentile of the USA national public average.

For the NAEP math average, Puerto Rico’s math poverty is estimated to be about 80-90% of their student population. Currently, the USA national average math poverty is roughly 25-28% according to the PISA math (for the below level 2). And this much math poverty is roughly equivalent to the 85-90% of the math poverty estimated for Puerto Rico. So the math poverty of Puerto Rico may be almost the same or slightly better than that of Dominican Republic’s.

If we extrapolate further, as we can estimate the PISA math scores of Puerto Rico from the USA and Dominican Republic, I suspect that the Caribbean math poverty % share average may be about 90% of their student population.


The original MMU1 operations (2017) to boost the math worst half to the math best half average quickly with its massive positive economic impacts.


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