Math stagnation nations (around the globe)

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You can see the quasi-horizontal math learning stagnations across the world in most of the regions according to the PISA math 2003-2018. For most of the countries, the math poverty percent shares stay low with the little improvements.

Some of the selected countries’ PISA math average scores going horizontal mostly for the past 15 years or so.

The original MMU1 operations (2017) to boost the math worst half to the math best half average quickly with its massive positive economic impacts.

Math progress or stagnations from the TIMSS math grades 4th or 8th scores: the 2 arrows are the MMU 0.5-0.7 operations of the slower versions (assuming the transformation impacts can be done in several years)

4th grade TIMSS math

TIMSS math 8th grade scores’ trajectories


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