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Executive Summaries (an archive)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: for the UN, EU, OECD, African Union, ASEAN(+3), RCEP, BRICS, & NGOs & Ministries of Education around the world

USL1 Mechanism
The original diagram in the orange color is adapted from Hanushek-Woessmann´s paper published from World Bank. (The surrounding flow charts are more developed ideas by Dongchan Lee)


USL1 is the first step of a new breakthrough proposals that will make it possible for us the to resolve most of their toughest challenges at least from economic and budgetary points of views because the crises like 95% transition to Renewable Energy or Eurozone public debt crises require roughly 4-8% of GDP annually for each one of the issue if each government to resolve and still will take 30-40 years or more. The less ambitious plans like SE4All (1-2% of GDP) and POST-2015 (0.2-0.5% of GDP) of the UN are still considered very burdensome to most countries. In the meanwhile the combined annual total operation costs of the UN and World Bank are about 0.15-0-2% of the world annual GDP (about 72 Trillion US$).

If you combine these all and other key environmental and resource challenges, our estimates show that the average governments need to spend roughly 10-20% of their annual GDPs to resolve most of them by around the 2050 time frame, which is too much for any government, NGO and the UN, but all these can be resolved as the intrinsic mechanism that USL1 will induce because the economic doubling time will be roughly doubled for both Real and nominal GDPs. As such the annual costs for most governments to resolve all 5 top 5 global crises will become 2-5% of GDP instead of 10-20% after USL1´s quick reforms. How this becomes the tangible possibility is this website for. These executive summaries summarize the colossal gains so that we can make our world much better and faster than thus far imagined possible.

As we are after many global issues, one of our short term plans is to boost the budgets at least doubled for both the UN and World Bank to overachieve the current plans of POST-2015 and SE4All as a part of the international treat that USL1 is trying to create with the UN… hopefully in 2015 and not later than 2016.


Executive Summaries for the UN, NGOs, and governments


Executive Summaries (for the DOEs, MOEs, UNESCO or other Education hubs and authorities)


The original bridge (a quasi-Moore´s Law) between USL1 and the massive GDP growth boosts




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For the UN groups. 2

For the United Nations. 2


For the NGOs. 2


For the national or cluster governments. 2

For the OECD governments. 2

For the African Union. 2

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For the state governments. 2

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For the USL1´s early supporters. 2

For the philanthropists. 2

For the Circular Economy advocates. 2

For the potential Social Enterprise collaborators. 2

For the Investors. 2

For the Media people. 2




For the UN groups

For the United Nations
For the NGOs


For the national or cluster governments

For the OECD governments
For the African Union
For the EU
For the BRICS countries
For Latin American countries
Korean government

For the state governments

For the State governments with English speaking countries
For the major city or capital city governments

For the USL1´s early supporters

For the philanthropists
For the Circular Economy advocates
For the potential Social Enterprise collaborators
For the Investors
For the Media people

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