Economic impacts of MMU

Economic impacts of the MMU estimated:


  • for the western OECD countries (where the math poverty percent shares are typically 20-30%), without MMU interventions, these countries may need to expect the surplus 20-30% unemployments as the AI-induced job destructions rampantly spread by 2025-2030.
  • for the countries with the math poverty percent shares 45-95%, except the oil-richest or other natural resource richest countries, their unemployments due to the massive automations may arrive a bit later, but due to their high math poverty percent shares, their massive economic crises will rise.

Secondly, using the TIMSS math average compared to the GDP per capita 2019.

The horizontal axis is the percent shares of students who have escaped from the math poverty. The vertical axis is the log of GDP per capita. So, as you can see the pattern clearly, the more students escape from the math poverty, there is clear, positive correlation between the less math poverty percent share vs. the exponential growth of their log of GDP per capita (2018).

As the graph below has the log of GDP per capita for the vertical axis, the real impacts of the reductions of the math poverty percent shares will have the exponential GDP per capita impacts. The chart below is only the relatively short term GDP per capita impacts. For a long term economic impacts, the overall impacts will be substantially higher than what is estimated as below.


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