Data for the Lain America

Cuotas porcentuales de pobreza matemática de las matemáticas en la mitad más rica de los países latinoamericanos (2003-2018 datos basado en PISA matematicas)



You can see that except Peru which has reduced their math poverty by about 15%, for the rest of the Latin American richer half countries, the math poverty reductions have been quasi-horizontal without progress in general. The lowest at the bottom is Spain. See with your own eyes if you can say that Spain’s math poverty has been reduced. The math poverty of the richer half Latin America has been beetween 50 to 90% of all student populations.

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USL para América Latina, empezando por Guatemala Part 1: Evidencias



Public spending on education data

  • most countries and the regions converge around 5%
  • the developed (OCED level) countries push to 5-6%
  • Latin American average has converged close to the world average as well in the recent years.
  • Guatemala has been stabling around 3% in the recent years much lower than most other countries and regions.



Source: World Development Indicators (WDI), April 2015


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