Data for the governments and the UN to prepare for USL 0.5 and 1 pilot preparations

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The international economic data for the World, OECD, EU, SSA, etc, relevant for USL1


Economic Data

  1. World´s Real GDP Growth rates & GDP per capita (in PPP) from the EIU, World Bank, IMF, and the UN
  2. (Real) GDP (per capita) (in PPP or not) between 1990-2015 (EIU 2015)
  3. The world region GDP growth rates and the GDP per capita in PPP
  4. (Real) GDP per Capita by Country (& the U.S.A. states) 1980-2014 (beyond 2015 are forecasts and shaded)
  5. Percent changes of Real GDP of the various economic clusters from EIU 2015


Education Data

  1. Public spending on education, total (% of GDP) worldwide
  2. Global Expenditures on Education


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