Action Now

USL 0.25, 0.5 and 1.0 need your supports.

As our goals are extraordinary high, we can’t reach our goals all for ourselves.

Since the education is the most powerful weapon in the modern world and especially the math education has the most powerful impacts in the economic and social growths – which also impact the population growth  explosion in the poorest regions more than anything else – we try to use the very special features of this to utilize USL 1.0 to rapidly reduce the top 5 global crises, which otherwise have very slim chances to overcome for the next a few decades at least.


What we need the most are …

  • The publicities via media
  • Collaborations with and supports from the governments of all scale
  • Investments
  • Collaborations with the education authorities


Practical implementation plans

We are all keenly aware of the current unfettered abuses of the corporate free market capitalism. Instead of staying with the status quo, our plan is to run most of the USL x.x series as the global social enterprises called UGNSE 1.0 (Usl Global Network of Social Enterprises) instead of running as corporations.

  • UGNSE1 Networks: we will try to create a Social Enterprise branch in each city, state, and the nation. As such, the significant portions of the profits will be redistributed for the developments locally for the people, not for the centralizations of the capital for the few financially privileged groups of each states or countries.
  • We hope to create this as a global social movement so that we can mobilize the supports for each community beyond the typical governmental influences.
  • To create a series of local operations and would like to invite the various global leaders and pioneers who share the similar sprits and philosophies as ours.
  • So everyone can make the honest earnings while to decentralize the capital and to empower the poorer 60% of the world population, meaning those who live with less than 10k USD per year more or less, not to mention to empower the children and women in the poorest 30% of the world population.
  • We are currently seeking the collaborations with the various governments, NGOs, the UN, UNESCO, civil societies, philanthropists, Social Enterprises, hubs of similar interest around the world.


To get the frequently updated quick Visual Guide to USL1 initiatives, please click here.

To prove that USL approaches work, we have run various pilot studies in 2013-2014 and we try to push the first version of USL 1.0 to the global stage in 2016 (as we missed the real action for 2015).

We have collected the 3-fold evidences; tests, surveys, and the video testimonials or evidences.

The evidences alone, however, cannot lead us to the massive global transformations during the next 5-10 years.



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