About Us

The fundamental ideas behind the operations of USL1 can be summarized as follows.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Buckminster Fuller ―


The Background Information

For the relationship between the economic growth rate vs. national average school math skills, there are some tight correspondences; between the top and the bottom of the world for these, the national average school math differences between the extreme ends of the countries are about 5 years, which subsequently corresponds to the annual Real GDP growth rates of about 5% (which eventually led to 200-300 times of the gaps between the poorest to the richest gaps in terms of the Real per capita GDP over the past 100 years or more). These are not coincidences and the entire global economic or social gaps largely has arisen from this simple difference.  We have had pilot studies in 2 countries, 3 towns, 8 schools, 1,200 students´ overwhelmingly supportive results that went far beyond what USL1 will do. As the original version of USL is too disruptive in the business as usual, we will push for now only less than 20% of its full capacity called USL1.


What USL1 will do

USL1 is designed to raise the 2/5 of the global difference of the international average school math differences (that normally take over half a century to cross) in just 2-5 years, starting with the countries that are willing to take this path.

USL1 is originally a breakthrough education program (Video evidences here) that will bring the major storms around the globe once embraced by various governments and the UN, but due to this intricate correspondence with the economic growth rates, it is far much more than a mere education program. It is designed in such a way that it will raise the national (or global later) average school math and science skills that normally take half a century (for the world average) within 2-5 years, but this is tightly associated with roughly doubling the economic growth rates in average and roughly halving the population growth rates, both of which together can transform the global education, economy, and population growths and together what normally happen in half a century can be done in half a decade mostly. Although there will be time lag, the reforms will take 2-5 years and its ripple effects will transform our world far many times faster than without USL1 over the next a few decades. All the states and nations should follow the strict progress from USL 0.5 to 1.0. Once the world embraces USL1 completely and follow


The direct economic implications of USL1

The world average Real GDP per capita or Real GDP growths will be 2.3x-6x faster than without (we provide the specific projections and data in various parts of our website and more details will appear in our BOEC Working Paper series with updates).


For more details, please visit our website and pay attention to the updates in our Executive Summaries and BOEC Working Papers.




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