3 pandemic level crises in the USA education (for both districts and charters) & why MMU series

It is time for collaborations instead of the separations because both sides will suffer and lose – not just the school children – if not united. Instead of cluttering this message I put this online link on our website.

  • A series called Math Stagnation nations (and not going away): I demonstrated that the party time for the math growths in almost all developed countries, including the USA’s, are over based on the 15-20-23+ years of studies by PISA (15 years), TIMSS (20 years), and NAEP (23+ years) as the math growth stagnations have hit almost all and their economic impacts. For the Nation’s Report Card on math for the USA, the math stagnations arrived around 2005-2010. The 2015 dip of math in NAEP is more due to this than the Common Core. For more, here http://uslgoglobal.com/math-stagnations-in-the-usa-states-for-the-usas-doe-superintendents/
  • The increasing teacher (especially in the quality math & science teachers) shortage pandemics: although this seems to be the most serious in the South-West parts of the USA states, it seems this is becoming an increasing statewide or national EDU crisis. This will impact both the districts and the charter movements inevitably.
  • The Feuds between the school districts and the charters: at least for most of the big 30-40 cities in the USA, the charter shares there will be almost on par with the shares of the traditional public schools in 10 years or so. Unless some radical solutions come, the districts of these biggest cities will lose their faces in near future with the ongoing status quo. Thus instead of maintaining the status quo on both sides, it is far more beneficial to collaborate together from both sides. à I suggested as to 1. How MMU series can help heal the wounds; 2. Why math EDU needs some super star(s) and this may need to come outside both districts and charters. Fore more details, here. http://uslgoglobal.com/lees-answer-to-the-math-teachers-administrators-or-superintendents-who-may-feel-nervous-about-the-radical-innovations-in-math-education-and-why-math-edu-needs-super-stars/





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